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Created by FITDGroup Ltd 2016 ®
Polycrystalline  70 Wp
Polycrystalline 150 Wp
Polycrystalline  250 Wp
Monocrystalline  140 Wp
Monocrystalline  245 Wp
Monocrystalline 250 Wp
Micro system 260 Wp
Micro system 520 Wp
solar Electronics
Polycrystalline 50 Wp
Polycrystalline   245 Wp
Micro networked solar system 520 Wp
2 pcs. Photovoltaic module x 260 Wp. or total power 520 Wp.
1 PC. microinverters Enecsys SMI-S480W-60
1 PC. installation cable 5 meters.
8 pcs. mounting clips
10 years product warranty

What's a mikromrezhova solar system?
Micro network solar systems are designed and constructed. They produce electricity for consumption in the household, office building, a small business or for sale to the Energy teansporting company in the established order. Designed to be mounted on the walls, flat or pitched roof above the windows, terraces, gardens, shelters - places that are lit by the sun. Produced electricity can be used to reduce monthly electricity bills.

How it works?
To the photovoltaic module connects microinverters that translates works from photovoltaic module DC into AC 220 V / 50 Hz. Thus works of mini solar system current can be used to fully or partially meet the needs of electrical appliances.

Where can be used?
Micro solar panels can be installed on pitched roofs or flat, south facades, terraces, gardens, windows, sheds and other sunny places.

Why, micro solar power?
For the price you use every kWh produced electricity for the next 25 years will be unchanged.